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Dessicant Dryer

Heatless Adsoprtion, High Pressure Dryer

Dessicant Dryer

Desiccant dryers, sometimes referred to as adsorption dryers are designed to remove moisture by passing air over a porous desiccant material,

which absorbs and retains the water vapour molecules.

These dryers are tend to get and hold the water so they are less effective as a first stage dryer as the media quickly becomes saturated.

Desiccant dryers are best applied in a second stage or polishing role, they are usually used down-stream from a refrigerated dryer.

When applied as a second stage dryer, they can easily and reliably produce dew points in the sub zero range.

The term pressure dew point refers to the temperature at which water condensation will occur,

Our range of pressure dew point specified for an adsorption dryer is from -20°C -40°C and -70°C which prevents corrosion and inhibits the growth of microorganisms.


3 types of dessicant dryers PT. Mitraplus Indonesia are heated dessicant, heatless dessicant and modular dessicant.

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