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Air Compressor

An air compressor is a pneumatic device that converts power using an electric motor, gasoline engine, etc into potential energy stored in pressurized air. By one of several methods, an air compressor forces more and more air into a storage tank, increasing the pressure.

PT. Mitraplus Filter Indonesia as the main distributor of SCR Compressor provides several types of compressors from oil lubricated compressor to oil free compressor range. We offer the highest efficiency compressor from SCR Compressor and various ancillaries for support.

PT. Mitraplus Filter Indonesia provides several types of compressors from oil lubricated compressor to oil free compressor. We offer the highest efficiency compressor from SCR and various ancillaries for support.


Oil Lubricated or Oil Free Compressor?

The majority of manufacturing, industrial and small workshops prefer to use oil injected compressors, since the consequences of oil contamination are not as great as they would be in a food production or pharmaceutical for example. 

If there is no immediate need for oil-free compressed air, the more economic way is to go with an oil lubricated unit. However, the traces of oil in compressed air can be cleaned up further by utilizing proper quality air products. The use of coalescing filters can clean the compressed air, which can further be cleaned by adding a carbon activated filter to get close to class 1 air purity.


Oil in air compressors is utilized to lubricate, seal and also cool the compressed air. Oil lubricated compressors have traditionally been a common choice for many contractors because they provide longer product life and offer the size and air capacity for several users.

PT. Mitraplus Filter Indonesia provides SCR compressors which are compatible with the small 7.5 kW model you may find in a workshop and up to a large 280kW model where multiple machines used together to power a whole factory production line.

New advancements in oil-free compressor technology provide additional benefits such as extended product life and quieter operation, in addition to the maintenance-free ownership that this type of compressor has always offered.

EPM Series Oil Injected



Gas supply: 1.0 – 24.0 m³/min
Motor power: 18.5 – 110 kW
Pressure: 7 – 10 bar

  • Unique Designed Duel Layer
         Oil Cooled PM Motor
  • High Efficiency Airend
  • Latest Touchscreen PLC
  • Latest Inverter Technology


EPM2 Series Energy Saving


Gas supply: 0.7 – 33.5 m³/min
Motor power: 15 – 160 kW
Pressure: 7 – 10 bar

  • Energy Saving with Inverter
  • Wide Range Control
  • Super Premium Efficiency IPM motor (IE4 equiv)
  • Innovative Cooling System
  • Up to 52°C Ambient Condition


PM Series Direct Driven PM Motor Oil Injected


Gas supply: 0.8 – 13.3 m³/min
Motor power: 22 – 75 kW
Pressure: 7 – 10 bar

  • High Efficiency Airend
  • Special Designed Dual Housing
         Oil Cooling IP65 M Motor
  • Latest Inverter Technology


PM2 Series Direct Driven Oil Injected With Tank



Gas supply: 0.41 – 2.4 m³/min
Motor power: 7.5 – 15 kW
Pressure: 7 – 10 bar

  • Low Energy Package Power
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Constant Pressure
  • Easy to Maintain




Gas supply: 14 – 68 m³/min
Motor power: 90 – 315 kW
Pressure: 7 – 12.5 bar

  • High Efficiency Airend
  • High Quality German Centrifugal fans
  • High Quality and Highly Efficient Motors



Gas supply: 0.85 – 13.3 m³/min
Motor power: 5.5 – 75 kW
Pressure: 7 – 12.5 bar

  • High Efficiency Airend
  • German Engineered Transmission Belts
  • Designed for Safety



Gas supply: 3.5 – 35.1 m³/min
Motor power: 22 – 200 kW
Pressure: 7 – 12.5 bar

  • High Efficiency Airend
  • Variable Frequency Motor
  • Vector Control Technology



Most air compressors rely on oil to lubricate the inside mechanisms and the fumes may contaminate the air, which can cause product spoilage or damage manufacturing processes. With the oil-free air SCR Compressor, PT. Mitraplus Filter Indonesia ensures the risk of contamination is greatly reduced and guarantees the best air purity.

Aside from the total air purity, here are the other benefits of choosing an oil-free compressor from SCR:

  • Low Cost of Maintenance

Save on the costs of oil replacement and also equipment used to clean and separate oil from air.

  • Environmentally Conscious Compressor

Oil free compressors are more compliant with environmental regulations than lubricated systems, they also produce less noise pollution, less vibration.

  •  ISO Certified

Our oil free compressors meet ISO Class Standard for better air quality.



Gas supply: 0.3 – 3.5 m³/min
Motor power: 3.7 – 3.7×8 kW
Driven Method: Belt Driven
Outlet Temperature: Ambient Temperature + 15 °C

  • Japan Original Oil Free Airend
  • High Efficiency Oil Free Scroll Airend
  • High Reliability




Gas supply: 4.6 – 48.5 m³/min
Motor power: 37 – 280 kW
Pressure: 7 – 10 bar

  • German Original GHH Oil-Free Airend
  • Dry Oil Free Technology
  • Stainless Steel Rotors
  • Oil Free Airend – UltraCoat TM
         Super Coating